2023 Fall Boot Trends

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/29 1:44A Alexis Jones
This post may seem like deja vu, but I promise it is not! This time last year we talked about how to style and wear boots , but now I want to talk about Fall boot trends. So let us *officially* say goodbye together to our summer sandals and bring...

Cozy Pieces I Love and Wear for Fall and Winter

Color and Chic 11/28 5:47A Hoang-Kim
When the weather gets chilly, I love to reach for my luxe fabrics. Cashmere, wool, anything soft and cozy. Layering is key for staying warm, but not overheating. Whether you re heading into an office...

Gift Guide for Baby’s First Christmas

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/9 11:00P Elly
I can not believe Audrey was this tiny last just a few years ago! She was the youngest baby we had during Christmas. When Jadyn and Colin had their first Christmas, they were almost a year old. Liam was 5 months old, which is still a baby, of...

Gift Ideas for Kids Under $200

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/9 10:39P Elly
Jadyn and Colin last year said that Christmas presents don t cost any more because they are wishes. When you wish to Santa, it s just a wish, so that means you can wish for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING… oh...

Luxury Gift Ideas for Him

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/7 9:20P Elly
How s the Christmas gift shopping going for the men in your life so far? I have not even started y all, someone, please tell me I m not the only one!  But I do feel like I m finally making some progress, even if it s slow progress. In this post,...

Luxury Gift Ideas For Her

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/5 9:12P Elly
Today s gift guide is gift ideas for her, but lux edition. So if you have a special lady in your life and you really want to spoil her, then this gift guide is for you! These items are high-ticket items that ll have her thanking you for yearsssss!...

The Power of Pairing: Blazer and Denim Outfit Inspiration

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/1 3:50A Alexis Jones
I never met a blazer I did not like and I stand by that! With that being said, I love pairing denim and blazers together to get that elevated style but staying casual at the same time. Regarding...

My Sephora Must Haves

Uptown with Elly Brown 10/26 10:30P Elly
The Sephora Sale is LIVE and I have rounded up my Sephora must-haves and holy grail products below. These are all products and even brands I love and if you follow me on social you have heard me talk about several of these often! FYI- you get 30%...

7 Casual Fall Outfits

Uptown with Elly Brown 10/12 12:22P Alexis Jones
I recently went to Chicago and New York, and it just made me wish we had all four seasons more in Texas. It goes from hot to hotter, then cold- and sometimes all in one day! I already knew I loved the...

Fall Fashion Trends 2023: How to Wear Them with Style

Uptown with Elly Brown 10/5 12:46A Alexis Jones
It is time to refresh our wardrobes with the latest fall fashion trends. Fall is a season of rich colors, cozy textures, and layering opportunities- LOTS of it. This season, I m extremely excited for...

Radiant Skin Journey: My Chemical Peel Review

Uptown with Elly Brown 9/26 7:05A Alexis Jones
Let s be honest here we all want clear, glowing skin (who doesn t want glass-looking skin). I know I do! I ll admit I try my very best to care for my skin, last year I started working with Susie, too,...

Fall Transitional Outfits

Uptown with Elly Brown 9/13 10:27A Alexis Jones
As summer (HOPEFULLY) leaves, it s time to revamp our wardrobes and transition into fall. Fall here in Texas can look so different each day, which goes hand in hand with my daily outfit choices. I...

Fueling Success: Healthy Lunches and Snacks Kids

Uptown with Elly Brown 9/6 7:28A Alexis Jones
A few weeks ago, I took to IG to share my struggle with getting the kids to grab healthy lunches and snacks during the summer. I know I am not alone in this, but I think I heard them all say how...
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